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My Family - Jamey Newton PhotographyI started off as a girl with a camera and then became a mama with a camera. As I began “journaling” our life through pictures I wanted to master my camera so I took a class at the local college on how to shoot in manual. After that class I was hooked, I love the geeky (technology side) of photography and the creative element to photography but mostly I love that after taking at least one picture a day for the past 5 years (almost 6) I have the perfect journal of our life. I take pictures to capture moments of my life. A life I love and cherish and enjoy!

If you would like moments of your life captured – fill out the info below and let’s capture moments that will last forever!

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My first photography session! – Arlington, Texas Family Photographer – Jamey Newton Photography

I told my dear friend – I want to become a family photographer!

Great she said!  Such a true friend! She has cheered me on in so many of this life’s adventures. She is one of my biggest fans, always believing in me. She also has sat with me as tears feel during life’s hard moments….such a true friend.

I said – I need a family to photograph, will you guys be my first family? SURE!! I was thrilled! We (by we I mean me) fumbled through the session. It was great to learn so much with people I know so well. Then spent the rest of the day together. We had both moved away from each other to new cities and new chapters of our lives.  And a day together was so refreshing.  Just what I needed.
Arlington, TX Family Photographer S Family01

So here I was taking pictures of a photography professor and his family. Eek, I was nervous and very excited!

This family loves me and cheers me on in every area of life! I couldn’t have started my photography business without them. (Thanks again, guys!!!)

Arlington, TX Family Photographer S Family02 Arlington, TX Family Photographer S Family03 Arlington, TX Family Photographer S Family04 Arlington, TX Family Photographer S Family05 Arlington, TX Family Photographer S Family06 Arlington, TX Family Photographer S Family07 Arlington, TX Family Photographer S Family08I will get to see them again soon! And we will have to make some time for another family session.  I can only imagine how much these precious kids have grown.

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Quick, Easy, & Free DIY Art Smock

Make you own free and easy smock in under 2 minutes

Art Smock

My kids are messy. Like really, really messy! 3 kids five and under in one house makes for some really big messes. I actually don’t mind my kids being messy because, well, they are kids and kids are messy, right? We usually get real messy doing anything creative.  My kids and I love doing art and crafts things together but one time we used paint when one of my girls was wearing a brand new shirt and the outcome made everyone a little sad.  So I scrounged around the house collecting some old shirts to use anytime we do anything involving something that can stain! I found a few old t-shirts but they we so bulky and swamped the kids that they complained and were uncomfortable wearing them. So I got out my trusty old scissors and transformed that old bulky t-shirt into a tie art smock.  They fit so much better now and my kids are not uncomfortable and we have not had any more ruined clothes!

1 Minute Art SmockSupplies:

  • an old t-shirt
  • sharp scissors
  • less than 2 minutes of timeDIY 1 minute art smock2

Lay the t-shirt front side down and make one long cut up the back of the shirt from the bottom to the collar.DIY 1 minute art smock3

Cut up to but not through the collar.  Leaving the collar helps keep the smock on when in use.DIY 1 minute art smock4Now cut a straight, horizontal line out from the center (think below should blade area) of the shirt to just below the arm of the shirt. Then cut another line about 2 inches below that.  Do this on both sides (the left and right of the shirt).  This creates the ties that help keep the smock on and provide a better fit. Easy and Free Art SmockWhew! You are done! Now all your smock needs is a little artist to work their magic while wearing it.

Easy and Free DIY $1 Art Smock

I love that this covers all my kids clothes, is washable, and is a great way to use something I was going to throw away.

DIY 1 minute art smock7

Here is how I tie the straps to keep the smock on while my kids create.

What have you made lately out of something you were planning on throwing out?

Homemade Clay Project

Painted Clay Crosses and Easter Eggs

Have you ever made homemade clay cutouts and used paint to decorate them? I have made it a recent goal to do more art projects and crafts with my children.  They get plenty of ‘create your own’ art time but I wanted to give them something specific to work on during the, we are tempted to keep watching TV hours of the day.  So here is one of our most recent projects.  We made homemade clay/baking soda clay using this recipe from Mama.Papa.Bubba.com. After we cut it out (see my quick tip at the bottom of this post) and let it dry to a couple days, we painted them. It was super simple to make and I had all the ingredients on hand. But I did under estimate the drying time.  That is how this became a day after Easter project.

Painting Clay Crosses and Easter Eggs

The girls loved this and setting up while little man was still asleep was a breeze.  I always love hearing my girls chatter during projects.  The are so different but do a great job encouraging one another.

Easter clay painting05March 28, 2016

When Elliott got up he joined in on the fun.  He worked on his clay project for much longer then I thought he would.

Painting Clay Crosses and Easter Eggs

Evey painted the most cutout.  She got paint all over her and the table.  Ahh, my free spirited, creative child.
Painting Clay Crosses and Easter Eggs

Adalyn has goals and vision for each piece so she was much more meticulous and worked hard to copy what I had done.

Painting Clay Crosses and Easter Eggs

Everyone hard at work. Shhh can you hear it?? A quiet, content house!

Making Clay Crosses and Easter Eggs

When we made the cut outs we rolled the dough out the fast way by using the pasta roller attachment for my kitchen aid.  The girls loved this and it did make quick work of all the cut outs, but they were a little on the thin side.  Next time I will roll it out with a rolling pin.  Clay is so versatile I cannot wait to do another project with it.  Maybe next project my girls will stop calling the cut outs cookies. What is a project you have done recently with your kids?  What is a project you would like to do?



Week 5
5 Evey


5 Elliott


You are busy! You rarely nap anymore. You are always moving, jumping, running, going, going, going. Your mind races as much as your body. I am loving seeing the world through a 4 1/2 year old. Thanks for being patient and kind as your mama tries to keep up with ALL of you.


Upside down and spun around is what you like on the trapeze. Crazy girl. At the park you like to push the merry-go-round and you are verbal and persistent about it even when new and older kids are around. I think a new boldness came along with your third birthday.


You love being with your sisters. You have no idea you are the littlest. If your sisters are hurt and crying you rush up and give hugs. It is the sweetest thing. If your sisters are making you do something you don’t want to, you now pull hair and push them. You are growing so fast. You need a mama to help you learn. I am glad that mama is ME.

Check out a few more cute kids in our family over at Naomi’s blog and Gabrielle’s blog. They are doing to 52 project, too.



Week 4 of 52

Adalyn 4/52
Evey 4/52



I am sure that being a big sister is your favorite part of life. What a gift you are to our family! You love deeply and serve eagerly.


Life to you is an amazing adventure.  You rise to the challenge. You are delighted every time you see a bird, dig up a worm, or conquer a new challenge like jumping on one foot.


Look at you!  We love experiencing life with you.  If you only know this boy is pictures you must come visit because you are totally missing out.  Son, I have no idea what to do with your crazy hair.

Dear Mama – In the thick of it

5 ways to read your bible in the thick of things.

One month of 2015 has passed. Did you feel it? Maybe you are still feeling it. The pressure? The “New Year” pressure to be more this year…run more – eat less – get angry less – read more – organize more – collect less stuff – be more inspired – do less.  Overwhelming!

I purposefully try to ignore the pressure because my goal this year is to survive 365 days of 2015.  **High fives we have already make it 33 days!**

The one resolution that gets me every year is the Read Your Bible Plans. I feel like as a person who loves Jesus I should always choose this resolution, so I do and I love it for about 16 days and then I hate life for about 349 days until I can make a new commitment for another year. Please tell me you can relate to this!

I am as they say “in the thick of things” – a wife of a full time student – a mom of 3 kids ages 4 and under – and ALL the other titles this life involves (they are endless!)

I bet you are in the thick of things, too. Sure your thick may be thicker or thinner than mine and your things may look the same or completely different, but the truth is we are all in the thick of our own things.

So how is a mama, who is rejoicing when everyone simply makes it to bed each day, supposed to make time to read her bible?

I think it is important to have a plan but be flexible and creative. We find time to do what we love…that is how we are made. So I must pray and encourage my family (family in my house and church family) and friends to love God’s word.

My prayer and desire is to read the bible because the Word become flesh and died for me. Me –  this mama who doesn’t have it all together – this mama who God deeply cares for – this mama who He created and equipped for such a time as this.  (this mama is me but it is you, too friend!)

Here are 5 tips to being in God’s word while in the thick of things –

1. It doesn’t have to be a “quiet time” or whatever other preconceived idea you have.

My kids are painfully earlier risers and my husband is an even earlier riser (distraction free study time).  I used to fight to wake up before my kids because I just knew my day would be better if I could read my bible before I “hit the ground running”.

Stuck in this mind set –  I would grumble at the sound of my children rising. How could they be awake? They need to sleep later, because they are little and still growing. I would tell myself these things, when what I was really struggling with was: why can’t I sit here in peace and quiet and sip my hot coffee with my warm slippers and read 5 chapters of Acts without interruption. I had to stop worshiping my reading time and start worshiping the One I was really longing (and desperately needing) to know.

The problem wasn’t in rising before my kids. That routine worked great for a while and will work again someday, I am sure, like when I kids sleep past 5:30am. The problem was in the idea that my “quiet time” was a solve all for my struggles throughout the day.  I treated it like a check list instead of a double edged sword that could revel the sin in my heart that Christ came and died for. I treated it like a quick fix instead of a deep dependantcy on the living King who is my ever present help in time of need.  I treated it like homework instead of a date with the Lover of my soul.

So I must think why do I read God’s word?  What is my motivation? What or who am I worshiping, studying, being changed into?

What about you?  How has your ideas of reading God’s word changed?

2. Use technology

You have it use it. Reading or listening on your phone, iPad, or computer is a great way to squeeze in some scripture time.

Many mornings we listen to a chapter or 2 during breakfast.  Did you get that…we eat and listen. I actually finish one meal a day at the same time as my family.  I loved reading off the iPad when I was nursing the baby because I could do it all one handed. It was much easier than holding a bible and flipping through the pages.

Some nights while cleaning up after the kids are in bed I listen to sermons.

I would love to know how you use technology to study and know scripture? I need all the help and encouragement I can get!

3. Keep it accessible. Have your bible out and around where you are.

Confession – I keep a bible in my bathroom. My bathroom is a place for me to hide pause during the day.  If I read a little bit every time I take a potty break then I can get quite a bit of reading done.

If you have to find your bible (happens to me every Monday) it takes away from reading time.

It is ok if it takes you all day to read your goal for the day.  Most days I takes me 2 days to read my goal for the day. (I am into the 2 or 3 or 4 year bible reading plan)

How do you keep your bible around and opened?  I am good at have my bible around but not always great at opening and reading it.

4. Notecards of Truth. Keep it visible.

I write verses on notecards and place them where I am…which is in front of the kitchen sink.  While standing at the sink this gives me something (a truth instead of a wondering mind) to dwell on while I work.

I have learned notecards are my friend no matter how may 9th grade research projects nightmares they cause. (if you are under 30 you will not get that last sentence and it is OK).

How do you keep your mind focused on the things above?

5. Read it, sing it, learn it as a family.

It is OK (possible even great) to read with your kids around.  Some mornings after breakfast we have “reading” time.  My kids can sit and read or play quietly in the living room while I sit and read (and sometimes finish a cup of HOT coffee – life of luxury I tell you).  Remember children are around and constantly need attention. You will be interupted, but the more you do this the easier it gets.

When I was a childrens bible study leader we would sing verses to familiar tunes.  My children can still sing many of these verses more than a year later. Have you noticed little kids are memorizing geniuses. Seriously.  Who else can learn every song to any TV show the second time they see it?! Geniuses I tell you! Why not memorize together.  Yes, this feels and seems impossible but the more you do it the easier it gets. Go ahead create and sing a little Diddy and see for yourself how this helps truth stick in your mind.

All this to say the verses we have memorized (like Genesis 1:1, to the tune of Where is Thumpkin) my kids know and I do too!

Read a Children’s story bible together.

Listen to scripture set to music -(future post in the works over this)

Listen to music that helps you reflect on who God is…we love hymns in our household (So thankful for Pandora. I love FREE!)

Please tell me. What has helped you?

Remember dear mama two things last forever – the Word of God and the souls of men.  These things are worth living our lives for and it may not be easy but it will be good!


Week 3 of 52 weeks of my kids.

Adalyn Week 3

Evey 3

Elliott 3



You are a doer! You love when we give you a job. You usually create your own work throughout the day and you take it seriously.  I love that God made you a hard worker.


You love the details of life and I love every detail of you. You notice things I would never see without around.


You want to be where the action is.  Mainly you just want to be outside ALL the time.  You are vocal if you are not able to be outside or if we come back inside before you are ready -which is never.

One Year Ago

At the end of each month I will add a one year ago picture or two (or more), to remind me that time flies.

PicMonkey Collage Jan


Week 2 of a portrait of each child every week for 52 weeks





You love people. Every single day you ask if someone can come over. When house guests leave you sigh a deep sigh and comment on how quiet our house is and how much you miss whoever was just here. I love your freckles.


You just turned 3 (less than a month ago) and you feel so grown up to me.  You tell elaborate stories and describe things in great detail.  The other day I asked, “Did you just jump over your brother?!”  And you replied, “No mama, I leapt over him.”  You included hand motions and I tried not to laugh.


You took the longest of my kids to walk but I think that is because you were (still are) so busy climbing everything.  This week you tried to jump and you started walking backwards.  I beep for you, like a truck, when you walk backwards and you laugh heartily.

1/52 A Portrait Each Week

My sister-in-laws invited me to be apart of a project. A photography project.

I like pictures, but I am no photographer, unless I am simply by definition, because I am a person who takes pictures.  I try to take pictures everyday.  Here is the thing, I do not journal…there I said it.  It is true.  My nightstand and books shelves have many “journals” which are practically empty except for a few pages at the beginning.  What is one to do once one has started and stopped a journal…do you just start back up and ignore the feeling of you “missed” all the important things between the fail date and begin again date?  All this to say…I am a journaling drop out, but I love pictures.  It does this mama’s heart good to look back at pictures from the day, week, months, and years. I am not sure how it works but the trivial things seem more trivial (I don’t notice my dirty floors in pictures) and the triumphs seem more triumphant. Pictures evoke more emotions in me then I am able to pen.  A picture can bring moments back to life.  I am a picture taker, a photographer if you will.  So I jumped at the chance to join in the fun of a project with women I love and who challenge me in so many ways.

This photography project/challenge is to take a portrait of each child every week for 52 weeks.


Week 1

AG wk 1



Ev wk1


E wk1


You love life and live it fully.  You never want to go to sleep and you bounce out of bed every morning.


You love wholeheartedly and you know what you like (birdy zip jammies in the middle of the day).


You are unstoppable and we miss you when you are napping.

Check out Naomi’s here and Gabrielle’s here. There are more sister-in-laws joining through Instagram and flickr.  Would you like to join, too? Or maybe you are great at journaling.

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